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Working for the Service Industry ­ Working for You.

NASM’s commitment to the service executive’s educational and professional advancement has been ever-strengthening since the association was established in 1955.

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NASM promotes professionalism.

Founded in 1955 by an insightful team of service managers, NASM has three objectives:

  • Improve the service industry’s effectiveness.
  • Foster communications and cooperation among managers in the service industry.
  • Provide quality educational opportunities directly related to the needs of the industry.

For over 50 years, discerning service executives have become NASM members because of the association’s reputation for excellent support of personal and professional development. NASM is the oldest professional nonprofit association of product service executives in the United States. It was founded during the era when service techniques were just beginning to be highly recognized as a sales and marketing tool.

As a service management professional, you are a part of one of the fastest growing fields in the world. And in NASM, you have found the premier organization for service professionals – an association that will prove itself to be an extraordinary investment for you and your organization.

Meet the 2019 NASM Officers and Board of Directors.

What sets NASM apart?

A consistent commitment to the educational and professional advancement of service managers in all industries. NASM members are service managers primarily from manufacturing companies who are making great strides in their on-the-job performance and in their careers. NASM stresses “managers” in its name – helping service managers like yourself to collect vital management skills with technical ability.

The following information is the key to helping you get the most value from your membership. It provides a comprehensive introduction to all the benefits you are entitled to as a member.

NASM is about making connections. The right connections.

As a NASM member you’ll learn from and work with the top people in your field: service professionals at all levels who face the same problems and challenges you do. You’ll meet people who will become lifelong business associates and friends.

You’ll reap more benefits than you will ever imagine. NASM is guided by a volunteer board of directors and supported by a professional staff at NASM headquarters. To realize all the benefits of a NASM membership, you have to get involved. Take part in chapter meetings, annual meetings, conferences, seminars and institutes. Take advantage of publications, certifications, executive referrals, and other services.

Annual membership dues subsidize only a small portion of the total cost of maintaining the association’s operation and services. The remainder is supported by marketing activities and other revenue sources. The result is each member receives a healthy return on investment worth far more than the modest price of the annual membership. If you are not a member yet, we look forward to welcoming you to our membership and supporting your needs in the years to come!

NASM Membership Services

To stay ahead of the competition and to increase service management skills, today’s service managers must continuously build and develop expertise through professional interaction. That’s where NASM can help.

NASM recommends service educational opportunities & key conferences during the year. Each year, hundreds of service professionals gather to hear top speakers, attend informative interest-specific workshops, and share ideas, experience and friendship. Plus, the conference features an exhibition of products and services to enhance and reinforce the service operation.

Companies who are Members

  • Almon, Inc.
  • Bosch
  • Century Equipment
  • CNH – Goodfield
  • Conveyor Solutions
  • E.H. Griffith, Inc.
  • Gasparovic Group (The)
  • Grassland Equipment
  • Hawthorn Pacific
  • Hector Turf
  • Hunter International
  • Jerry Pate Turf & Irrigation
  • John Deere – Dubuque Works
  • K.C. Summers, Inc.
  • Ken Cook Co.
  • Komatsu Mining Corporation
  • L.L. Johnson Distributing
  • Manitowoc Food Service Corp.
  • Midland Implement
  • MTI Distributing, Inc.
  • Ness Turf Equipment
  • Oakcreek Golf & Turf
  • Professional Turf Products
  • Reinders
  • Simpson Norton Corporation
  • Smith Turf & Irrigation
  • Spartan Distributors, Inc.
  • Storr Tractor Company
  • The Toro Company
  • Turf Equipment & Irrigation
  • Turf Products, LLC
  • Turf Star, Inc.
  • Wesco Turf
  • Western Equipment Distributors, Inc.


NASM presents specialized seminars and symposiums. NASM seminars focus on particular topics that affect your industry and operation. In effect, they are mini-courses filled with timely and useful information on topics like the Legal Environment for Service, the Future Trends and Technologies for Improved Service, Effects of Personnel on Service Management, and more. These significant gatherings feature expert speakers, panel discussions, round table forums, and identification and problem-solving of key issues of concern in the service arena.

The NASM Service Management Newsletter

Each quarter you will receive a NASM Service Management e-newsletter. The timely publication will keep you abreast of the latest trends, challenges and issues confronting the service manager. It will deliver concise, fitting information on industry-specific issues, professional management concerns, new and existing NASM programs and services, national gatherings and activities, tips and other articles on topics of interest to members.

NASM Service Bookstore

NASM’s Service Resource Bookstore possesses current information on techniques, trends and developments and is available when you need it most. As the service business matures and grows in its complexity, service professionals need better and more complete information.

NASM Professional Services

NASM awards the Certified Service Manager (CSM) and the Certified Service Executives (CSE) designation to individuals who have achieved a superior level of professional accomplishment in service management. The CSM and CSE awards are earned through measurable criteria based on experience, participation in service educational programs, and a written examination.

Service Professional’s Referral Program

The Service Professional Referral Program (SPRP) is a service for members and companies designed to aid members locate desirable positions and help companies fill vacancies with qualified personnel.

Whether you are an employer or an applicant, this is an important service for you. NASM has partnered with yourmembership.com.

NASM Member Directory

The directory is a compilation of the nationwide network of NASM members representing an industry cross section. When you need advice on a certain area or just a sounding board for an idea, turn to NASM’s network. Members are listed alphabetically and by company. The directory is available only to NASM members in the Members Area section.

NASM National Officers include the president, first vice president, secretary, treasurer and past president.

Officers are nominated by the nominating committee, chaired by the immediate past president. Additional nominations are by write in candidates. For more information, contact NASM headquarters.

Joining NASM is Easy

Simply fill out the on-line Membership Application Your membership begins when your application is approved. If you are not yet a member, we look forward to receiving your application soon.

NASM. Be a part of it!

Great resources and opportunities are waiting for you at NASM.